I’m interested in clarifying the evolutionary consequences of disturbance to better understand how we can maintain stability and vitality of marine populations in a changing climate. I use ecological surveys and population genomic techniques to study how biodiversity is shaped and reshaped through time, across space, and with environmental perturbation.

I’m am currently a postdoctoral researcher working with Rachael BayJay Stachowicz, and Rick Grosberg at the University of California, Davis. I earned my PhD at UC Merced in Mike Dawson’s lab. I am also a first generation college student and I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the great mentors who influenced my career trajectory. (Thank you!) Thanks to them, I was exposed to areas of study I didn’t know existed or didn’t think were within my reach. Now, I study evolutionary ecology in marine systems and aim to provide opportunities for students who might be in a similar position. Contact me if you might have an interest in getting involved in research, or if you have questions about taking that step!